Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

PLUSMiles Membership Card Programme ("the Programme")


The PLUSMiles Programme is created and remained the exclusive property of Projek Lebuhraya Usahasama Berhad (PLUS Berhad). The PLUSMiles Programme offers toll rebates at the North-South Expressways (NSE), the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), the Federal Highway Route 2 (FHRII), Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH),North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE )and Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE). The PLUSMiles Program is also applicable at the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing (MSSC) with effect from 1 March 2010.(NSE, NKVE, FHRII, SPDH, ELITE, BKE and MSSC collectively referred as “the Expressways”).  The PLUSMiles program also is extended to Zing Card Customers who are also the account holder of Malayan Banking Berhad (“Maybank”), and Bank Simpanan Nasional (“BSN”), (Maybank, and BSN collectively referred as “the Bank”).

The PLUSMiles Programme however is not applicable at the following Toll Plazas:

i.     Toll Plaza Bukit Kayu Hitam of NSE;

ii.    Toll Plaza Bangunan Sultan Iskandar of NSE; and

iii.   Toll Plaza Tanjung Kupang of MSSC.

The  Customer’s entitlement to the rebate and other benefits under PLUSMiles  - Zing card Loyalty Programme is subject to Customer’s consent for the Bank and/or Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd ("TNGSB") to disclose relevant Customer information to PLUS Berhad. Any terms and conditions hereinafter contained shall be construed as referring to PLUSMiles card and PLUSMiles-Zing card unless stated otherwise.

  1. Membership and PLUSMiles Programme Participation

1.1.      You must first register as a member of the PLUSMiles Programme by completing, signing and returning the registration form to any of the  Customer Service Centers ("Member").  Our Customer Service Centers are available along the Expressways (“Customer Service Centers”).

1.2.      For Zing Card customers, the application can only be done through Maybank and BSN or any participated banks.

1.3.      Registration may also be made via PLUSMiles portal by clicking to www.plusmiles.com.my("PLUSMiles Portal") after obtaining the PLUSMiles Card.

1.4.      Once registered, a Member is entitled for the PLUSMiles Card.

1.5.      The activated PLUSMiles Card can be collected at our Customer Service Centres. PLUSMiles Zing card can only be collected and activated at participating Bank. The usage of PLUSMiles Card  shall at all time be subjected to the terms and conditions contained herein ("Terms and Conditions").

1.6.      Upon collection of the PLUSMiles Card or PLUSMiles Zing Card, the Member will be given a login ID and password to enable him to access and personalized his member login account in the PLUSMiles Portal (“Member Login Account”).

1.7.      Member shall warrant and represent that the details and particulars contained in the application form and/or in the Member Login Account are at all time true and correct.

1.8.      The usage of the PLUSMiles Portal shall at all time be subjected to the terms and conditions contained in the PLUSMiles Site Usage Agreement.

1.9.      Membership is open to all individuals aged 18 years and above who reside in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

1.10.    A Member shall have to pay RM10 for each PLUSMiles card and the payment can be made upon collection of the said card. However, for PLUSMiles Zing Card customers, all charges are subject to the Bank’s Terms and Conditions.

1.11.    A PLUSMiles Member may apply for more than one card(s) at RM10 each. The remaining card  shall be treated as independent Members and shall also be subjected to the Terms and Conditions contained in the PLUSMiles Programme.

1.12.    The PLUSMiles Programme and its Terms and Conditions, as supplemented and amended from time to time, shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and the Member agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

1.14.   Members are encouraged to access PLUSMiles Portal regularly for latest updates and promotions on the PLUSMiles Programme.

1.15.    If the card is cancelled by the Members or pursuant to Clause 7.1 herein, all rebates amount will be cancelled.

1.16.      Member who uses the PLUSMiles Card along the Expressways shall be further subjected to the terms and conditions imposed by TNGSB. 

      2.      Toll Rebate

2.1.    A Member, who utilizes the PLUSMiles Card with the minimum amount of RM100.00*per month , is eligible for the  5% toll rebate ["Toll Rebate”].

          * RM100 threshold started on 1 June 2011.

2.2.      Except for Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE) and Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing (MSSC), the Toll Rebate incentive is valid from 1 January 2009.

2.3.      The toll rebate incentive for Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE) and Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing (MSSC), valid from 1 March 2010.

2.4.     Only Members with sufficient monthly PLUSMiles Card usage are eligible for the Toll Rebate.

2.5.    The toll rebate will only be calculated based on the toll usage settled between TNGSB and the service provider. Some transactions may not be taken into toll rebate calculation for that particular month until settlement is done by TNGSB. However, uncalculated toll usage will be carried forward to subsequent month for toll rebate calculation if applicable.

2.6.     The Toll Rebate amount shall be calculated based on the Member's monthly toll usage only. The amount of the toll used cannot be accumulated or carried forward to the subsequent month. A Member cannot accumulate his or her toll usage with other Supplementary Members.

2.7.     The Toll Rebate shall be valid for 12 months from the date of issuance of the Toll Rebate to the eligible Member.

2.8.    Members may check their Toll Rebate amount by:

i)     logging-in into the Member's Login Account at PLUSMiles Portal; OR

ii)    visiting our Customer Service Centres; OR

iii)  calling PLUSLINE number at 1-800-88-0000.

2.9.    The Toll Rebate cannot be exchanged with cash, is non-transferable, non sellable and non assignable to other persons.

2.10.  The Toll Rebate amount shall be recorded in each Member's individual account and cannot be combined withothers account.

      3.     Redemption of Toll Rebate

3.1.    The redemption of the Toll Rebate shall be based on the amount utilized from the PLUSMiles Card and subject to the TNGSB’s reload denomination (the"Redemption").

3.2     PLUSMiles Toll Rebate is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance of the Toll Rebate to the eligible members. 

3.3.    Redemption can be made at any of our Customer Service Centres.

3.4.    If the Member believes that there is any discrepancy in his account records, he may inform PLUS Berhad either:

i)       by sending an email to us through PLUSMiles Portal at www.plusmiles.com.my; OR

ii)      by visiting our Customer Service Centres; OR

iii)     by calling PLUSLINE number at 1-800-88-0000; AND

iv)    by writing to us at the following address: 

Customer Experience
Level 1
, Menara Korporat, Persada PLUS,
Persimpangan Bertingkat Subang, 
KM15, Lebuhraya Baru Lembah Klang,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

3.5.    Upon Redemption, the Member releases PLUS Berhad from any liabilities in respect of the Redemption.

3.6.    PLUS Berhad reserves the right to refuse the Redemption of any rebate, recall or deduct the rebate amount in the event that:

i)     Any usage of the PLUSMiles Card is suspected of being fraudulently recorded;

ii)     Any usage of the PLUSMiles Card is recorded in error;

iii)   Any usage of the PLUSMiles Card which relates to a transaction which has been cancelled or where refund has been given.

         4.     Points Rewards

4.1.    Except for Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing (MSSC), the Points Reward is valid from 1 September 2009.  Each member is awarded 1 point (‘Point’) for every RM 1 usage with the PLUSMiles Card at NSE, NKVE, FHRII, SPDH, ELITE and BKE highways. However, PLUS Berhad reserves the right to vary/change the allocation of points and usage amount  at its discretion without prior notice to Members.

4.2.    Only usage of PLUSMiles Card or PLUSMiles Zing Card at the Expressways will be eligible to earn points.

4.3.    Member who receive 5% toll rebate for usage of the month will NOT be entitled to earn Points for the same usage amount.

4.4.    Points will be earned on an individual card basis.

4.5.    Points earned by others card registered under same profile can be pooled under the Principal Card account.

4.6.    Points earned do not have any cash or monetary value and cannot be exchanged with cash to other persons and non transferable, non sellable and non assignable to other persons except to the Principal Member only.

4.7.    Points will be awarded based on usage of PLUSMiles Card on calendar month basis.

4.8.    Points will only be calculated based on the toll usage settled between TNGSB and the service provider. Some transactions may not be taken into points calculation for that particular month until settlement is done by TNGSB. However, uncalculated toll usage will be carried forward to subsequent month for points calculation.

4.9.    Points will be calculated based on rounding off to the nearest Ringgit Malaysia as illustrated in the following example:          


Month Usage

Rounding to Nearest RM

Total Points earn

(RM 1 = 1 point)

Example 1




Example 2





4.10.  PLUS Berhad reserves the right, at its own discretion, within reasonable means and belief, to classify selected usage as fraudulent usage until proven otherwise, to protect the interest of the Programme and promote fairness to all parties concerned.

4.11.  Points accumulated are valid for 3 years and will be expired based on monthly block on first-in-first-out basis.

4.12.   Members may check their Points by:

a)     logging-in to PLUSMiles portal at www.plusmiles.com.my

b)     visiting our Customer Service Centres; OR

c)      calling PLUSLINE number at 1-800-88-0000

4.13.  The outstanding balance of Points as recorded in the Members computerized account maintained by PLUS Berhad will be deemed correct, save for manifest error.  If the Member believes that there is an error in their account records, they must inform PLUS Berhad in writing within fourteen (14) days of the date when the relevant account details were provided to them by PLUS Berhad, failing which they are deemed to have accepted the account.

4.14.  Points earned and accumulated by the Members shall be forfeited and deemed expired either :

a)     3 years (i.e 36 months) from the month the points are earned;OR

b)     Upon cancellation of the Card, whether affected by PLUS Berhad or Members, whichever shall be earlier.

 4.15. Points can be transferred to new account in the event of card replacement or card lost upon reporting.

           5.   Redemption of Points

5.1.    Redemption of points can be made by card holder for all cards registered under card holder profile.

5.2.    The points are redeemable for :

          i) FREE Touch 'n Go top up at 1,000 points = RM 10 Top Up

5.3.    PLUS Berhad reserves the right to vary/ change the point's redemption structure at its discretion without prior notice to the Members.

5.4.    Redemption of free top up can only be credited to thecard holder cards. The redemption is not transferable, not assignable to other persons.

5.5.    The Points may be redeemed only upon confirmation of the Member's identification and such other particulars as may be required by PLUS Berhad or any methods of confirming the Member's identification which may be introduced by PLUS Berhad from time to time.

5.6.    Members can redeem the free top up by visiting our Customer Service Centre.

5.7.    All requests for redemption shall be processed on first come first served basis and are subject to sufficient accumulated points. Requests for redemption with insufficient points will not be processed.

5.8.    PLUS Berhad may offer to the Members special redemption of selected rewards from time to time on a limited time period and upon availability of stock. Such redemption shall be subjected to special terms and conditions attached thereto.

5.9.    Upon redemption of points, the Member shall releases PLUS Berhad and/or its employees or agents from any claims of liability in respect of the redemption.

5.10.  PLUS Berhad reserves the right to refuse any Redemption or recall the redemption item should PLUS Berhad has any reason to suspect that the Points were being fraudulently accumulated by Members or wrongly recorded.

5.11.  Members are responsible for any taxes that may be imposed by the relevant authority in connection with the Points obtained and the redemption items made by the Members.

5.12.  PLUS Berhad reserves the right to terminate the point issuance at any time as well as setting redemption time frame for all unredeemed points. Thereafter all unredeemed points shall deem to be expired.

5.13.  Membership in the PLUSMiles Programme and all related benefits are offered at the sole discretion of PLUS Berhad. PLUS Berhad reserves the rights from time to time to change, amend, add and vary any of the Terms and Conditions or requirements with regards to the PLUSMiles Programme without prior notice to the Members.

      6.   Policy on Personal Data

PLUS Berhad respect the privacy of its Members. This is PLUS Berhad's policy on personal information collected through the PLUSMiles Programme.

6.1.    Members hereby consent that any of their information may be used by, and shared between PLUS Berhad and its participating partners/banksin order to provide Members with services relating to the PLUSMiles Programme, to communicate with Members, to categorize Members, to promote offers to Members, to fulfill Members' requests including orders, and for identification purposes. For clarification purposes, participating partners are defined as merchants, suppliers, service suppliers, contractors, vendors, agencies, agents, banksor persons which are invited by PLUS Berhad for purpose of participating in the PLUSMiles Programme and/or providing exclusive offers to Members ("Participating Partners”).

6.2.    It is optional for a Member to provide his or her personal information; however; if a Member chooses not to do so, the Member may not be able to enjoy the full benefit of the PLUSMiles Programme. From time to time, PLUS Berhad may ask for additional information, to help improve its services to Members, to create more opportunities for Members to enjoy the PLUSMiles Programme, to follow up with Members for feedback or to help prevent abuse of the PLUSMiles Programme. Also, PLUS Berhad may automatically collect other information about Members indirectly through its database such as customer profile and consumer behavior. Any customer information (including Members name and contact details) and consumer behavior including information that relate to specific goods or services that a Member purchases, may be used by PLUS Berhad to analyse Member's activity on the PLUSMiles Programme. PLUS Berhad may also use that information, and share it with the Participating Partners in order to facilitate various services to the Members, to extend Members' benefits and special offers, and for marketing purposes including planning, product development, telemarketing promotions, research and other carefully screened marketing programmes or activities, which PLUS Berhad and/or the Participating Partners believe are likely to interest Members.

6.3.    A Participating Partners with whom a Member uses his or her card or take up an offer, may use information about the specific goods or services which the Member registers interest or purchases, to market to the Member or to update a database.

6.4.    Members shall ensure that all personal details provided to PLUS Berhad are accurate at the point of submission and that PLUS Berhad is kept abreast and updated of any changes in their personal details.

          7.   Breach & Termination

7.1.      If:

i)    the Members fail to observe or comply with these Terms and Conditions (which includes any addition or variation thereto);

ii)   no transaction in the Members account for a consecutive twelve (12) months period; OR

iii)  PLUS Berhad suspects that the usage amount in the PLUSMiles Card were fraudulently accumulated or wrongly recorded or the Members have misrepresented any information provided for the Program;

PLUS Berhad may at its own discretion cancel the Members' PLUSMiles Card and membership without notice and upon cancellation of the PLUSMiles Card and membership, all accumulated Toll Rebate amount and/ or point reward in the PLUSMiles Card shall be cancelled.

7.2.     PLUS Berhad may terminate the PLUSMiles Programme and inform the Members of such termination via PLUSMiles Portal. Upon termination, Members have 30 days to redeem the Toll Rebate. All usage amounts in the PLUSMiles Card remaining unredeemed at the end of this 30-day period will be cancelled.

          8.   General

8.1.    Membership in the PLUSMiles Programme and all related benefits are offered at the sole discretion of PLUS Berhad. PLUS Berhad reserves the rights from time to time to change, amend and vary any of the Terms and Conditions or requirements with regards to the PLUSMiles Programme.

8.2.     In the event of stolen or lost of the PLUSMiles Card, Member may either:

i)     Call Touch n' Go Careline at 03-2714 8888 to deactivate the PLUSMiles Card and refund of unused PLUSMiles Card balance by TNGSB.

ii)    Visit our Customer Service Centres for the following services:

a)     deactivate the PLUSMiles Card;

b)     deactivate the Toll Rebate amount and Points Reward;

c)      replacement of PLUSMiles Card;

d)      refund of unused PLUSMiles Card balance by TNGSB; OR  

iii)     Call PLUSLINE number at 1-800-88-0000 to deactivate the Toll Rebate amount; OR

8.3.    For any stolen, lost or damaged card, a replacement card will be provided to the Member upon request and upon verification of proper identification. Members are required to pay RM10.00 for each replacement card.

8.4.    Any notice, communication, summary or other Programme materials to be given pursuant to these Terms and Conditions shall be informed to the Members via PLUSMiles Portal.

8.5.    Members are responsible for keeping their personal particulars in the records of PLUS Berhad up-to-date. PLUS Berhad will not be responsible for any loss of data or information or for any loss that may occur to any member due to failure of PLUS Berhad's database system or for any other reason.

8.6.    PLUS Berhad is not the manufacturer or supplier of any product or service provided by Participating Partners. PLUS Berhad is not responsible for any offer, advertisement, representation or other statement made by any other person, including Participating Partners. All information is accurate at the time of printing. In the event of any discrepancy or conflict of the information and promotion materials between the printed Welcome Kit and PLUSMiles Portal version, the information and promotion materials contained in the portal shall be treated as the updated version and prevails.

8.7.    Members shall further be subjected to the terms and conditions of the Participating Partners (which include reservation requirements, offering, cancellation restrictions, warranties and limitations).

8.8.    Failure by PLUS Berhad to enforce at any time any Terms and Conditions in the PLUSMiles Programme shall not be construed as a waiver of its right to enforce the Terms and Conditions or any other provision of the PLUSMiles Programme or as a waiver of any continuing, succeeding or subsequent breach of the provision or any other provision of the PLUSMiles Programme. 

8.9.    PLUSMiles terms and conditions are also can be applied to PLUSMiles – Zing card programme with Maybank and BSN and any participated banks.

8.10. PLUS Berhad will only be responsibled to the issuance  of  the rebate, points and privileges for PLUSMiles member. While participating Bank will only be  responsible on the issuance and replacement of  Zing Card.