Frequent Asked Questions

PLUSMiles program is a customer loyalty program by Projek Lebuhraya Usahasama Berhad (PLUS Berhad) to reward its highway users who use PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card for toll payment.

PLUSMiles portal is a portal where members can access into their PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go account information, checking toll rebate entitlement, points rewards, discount privileges and view toll transactions.

Basic requirements to become member are: a) All 18 years old and above customers who reside in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand b) Registration is compulsory c) All vehicle classes. However, entitlement for 5% PLUSMiles Toll Rebate and Points Rewards are only applicable to Private Vehicle Class 1 only.

PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card price is RM10.00

  PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card | Kad PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go Normal Touch ‘n Go card | Kad Touch ‘n Go biasa
Toll Payment Convenience | Kemudahan Pembayaran Tol / /
5% Toll Rebate | Rebat Tol 5% / X
Points Rewards | Mata Ganjaran / X
Merchant Discount & Privileges | Diskaun & Keistimewaan Rakan Niaga / X

You can purchase the PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card at any PLUS Customer Service Centre along PLUS highway.


Yes. You may purchase up to four (4) PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go cards only.

No. All PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card must be registered under individual name.

Yes. All new PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go cards come with a one-month warranty period. If the card becomes faulty during this period, member will get a card replacement free-of-charge from PLUS Customer Service Centre.

It is based on Touch ‘n Go usage, through a special designed card, member can enjoy 5% Toll Rebates, Points Rewards, discount and privileges. Terms and Conditions apply.
No. Only PLUSMiles card holder entitled to enjoy 5% PLUSMiles Toll Rebate, Points Rewards and discount privileges from PLUSMiles participating merchants.
There are 3 main benefits when using PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card; a) 5% Toll Rebate b) Points Rewards c) Discount & Privileges

Yes. You must register your PLUSMiles Touch ‘n Go card at PLUSMiles portal at  in order to enjoy all benefits and rewards offered by PLUSMiles Program. Rebate and points will only be calculated after registration at PLUSMiles website. 

PLUSMiles Touch 'n Go card can be used at all highways and other service providers like a normal Touch ‘n Go card. However, toll rebate and points entitlement will only be calculated for toll transactions at PLUS, ELITE, BKE and LINKEDUA highway*. *Excluding Bukit Kayu Hitam Toll Plaza, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Toll Plaza, Tanjung Kupang Toll Plaza and Penang Bridge.

Toll fare will not be deducted from your card and you need to reload your card first to enable deduction of full toll fare from your card.

This might be caused by several reasons; a. The parameter at the lanes did not recognize the serial number of the card b. System malfunction c. Card being blacklisted You may contact Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd at 03-2714 8888 for clarification and further assistance.

Touch ‘n Go card will expire in 10 years or after completion of 64,000 transactions. You need to buy a  new PLUSMiles card at RM10.00 and it will last for 10 years as well. Purchase can be done at any Touch ‘n Go service hub or at PLUS customer service centers along the highways.You may check  your Touch ‘n Go card expiry date at Touch ‘n Go web site or call Touch ‘n Go Careline Centre at 03-2714 8888